Belgium Military Museum

original_reference_image_of_christmas_1944_BastogneOriginal Reference image of Christmas 1944 Bastogne.

Bastogne christmas dinner original reference imageMcAuliffe sculpt headwig and make up at the gems studio workshop

re-created Bastogne christmas dinner scene at the Belgium military museum

Bastogne 1944: Army General McAuliffe and fellow Colonels and Generals celebrate Christmas at the headquarters of the 101st Airborne Division during the Battle of the Bulge in World War II.

McAuliffe; famous for his single-word reply ‘NUTS’ to a German surrender ultimatum. His forces were able to hold off the German siege until the 4th Armoured Division arrived to provide reinforcement. For his actions, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Medal. 

In the presence of the US ambassador to Belgium; Mr. Howard Gutman and the great nephew of McAuliffe, The Belgium Military Museum opened the doors to the public (on the 10th December 2011) where the Christmas dinner scene has been re-created.  

Today the re-created scene perfectly captures the ambience of 1944 due to our privileged access to quality reference and expertise. GEMS STUDIO is honoured to have worked on this memorable project.  With our team of skilled specialists we have the ability to create formidable combat figures, sculpted to a high standard of craftsmanship and detail.

Shown left is; the original reference image of the 1944 Christmas dinner scene.

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