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Upholstery - one of the oldest of the textile arts, yet (for gems) one of the most popular crafts used to this day. The gems studio team of highly skilled specialists have a wealth of experience and knowledge in tailoring and upholstery, which, evidently is the reason why we are so successful in this field.

Whether it be a bust form covering or a bespoke project, gems studio can offer many fabric choices; our standard fabrics include traditional calico, linen, crepe, velvet, and cottons in many colours and weights. We can also source virtually any covering fabric such as leather, suede, synthetic skins, satin and lace. We can even arrange to have a specific fabric printed for you or you are welcome to issue us with your own material which our team of experts will be happy to use.

Gems studio are often called upon to work on bespoke projects for museums and exhibitions. Our most recent upholstery project was for the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studio Tour (where many of the costumes are displayed on bust forms from gems studios sister company; proportion>london). The gentle giant character; Hagrid required a larger than life specially upholstered shoulder form, for which we cut an custom-made pattern and tailored the cover. Although unusual, gems studio are never daunted by unique requests and have the ability to custom develop and upholster the strangest of articles. 

Shown left: Gems studio's upholstery services at work.

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