HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH Exhibition at the Design Museum, London.

hello-my-name-is-paul-smith-exhibition'HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH' Exhibition Design Museum, London.

hello-my-name-is-paul-smith-exhibition-design-museum-london cutaway-tailors-bustforms-paul-smithtailors-bustforms-at-the-design-museumpaul-smith-clothing-gallery


With a record-breaking 70,000 + visits, the phenomenal ‘HELLO MY NAME IS PAUL SMITH’ exhibition has been extended until 22nd June 2014. This fascinating showcase explores Paul Smith’s journey from his humble beginnings to the global brand that it has become today.  

For this project Gems Studio and sister company proportion>london, collaborated with the Design Museum in the making of the exhibition, through sponsorship of a range of tailors forms for the clothing gallery. Finished in plain calico, our signature cutaway tailors forms were produced from one of the company’s many body shapes, and although simple in design, they are both functional and effective for presentation, proving that not all exhibitions need custom made product; sometimes a simple off-the shelf product is the perfect solution. 

Over the years proportion>london has grown to know the Paul Smith team well, working alongside their creative team to supply them with traditional yet contemporary bespoke display figures and visual merchandising equipment. Similar to the philosophy of Proportion and Gems Studio, Paul Smith is a quintessentially British brand dedicated to creative design; well executed, using quality materials and manufactured to the highest standard.

Gems Studio are honoured to have been involved with a brand so influential in fashion and an exhibition that has been so well received and will later travel world-wide.  

Shown left: Life-size cut outs of Paul Smith installed at the exhibition.

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