Hollywood Costume Exhibition at the V&A Museum

v&a museum exhibition draftImage credit:  Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

v&a museum exhibition draftkill-bill-mannequin-in-developmentuma-therman-kill-bill-hollywood-costumeaudrey-hepburn-breakfast-at-tiffany-mannequin-fit-session


Gems studio and sister company; proportion>london join forces once again, this time to create over 50 bespoke mannequins and forms for the exhibition of the year; Hollywood costume at London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

More than a hundred costumes from the golden age of cinema have been brought together in an amazing show that explores the costume designers creative process from sketchpad to screen. The exhibition also examines the social and technological changes within costume design over the last century.

Gems Studio and proportion london knew this project required meticulous preparation and understanding; the personality and attitude of each Hollywood icon being so integral to each figure in giving a true representation of the favourite characters we all remember and love.  As costume designer Anne Roth said “I don’t dress movie stars, I dress actors who are playing characters”. In this way the costumes become almost as important as the players themselves, it was therefore imperative that the exhibition display figures be finished in an understated way so that the focus was primarily on the costumes. 

During the development process of any costume figure, the ingenuity of the gems/ proportion team is frequently tested to the max. Studio Manager Sam Hoye employs many varied techniques to create the perfect pose. For instance, Uma Thurman's gravity defying ‘Kill Bill’ karate kick was freeze framed with some very creative armature and sculpt work. From the initial doll – size maquette, utilising tiny wooden articulated artists mannequins to show correct positioning, right through to seeing the final figure wearing the toile catsuit, the process is truly fascinating.

Shown left: articulated artist mannequins used by the V&A Museum for a position example of the final life size figure.

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