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an early Gems Wax Model Company brochure

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GEMS STUDIO was founded in London in 1885 by Julius Gems, to work on sculpting commissions for private clients and museums. It was the leading maker of dressmaker’s forms of its day, supplying many of the crown heads of Europe. Gems pioneered the world’s first costume display figures using wax, glass eyes and real inserted hair to produce realistic figures.

Gems created “The French Bust Company” in 1912, to specialise in supplying complete display figures of male, female and children and also manufacturing accessories and display units for the retail industry..

To keep up with the times, Gems worked with other materials – papier mache, cane and plaster, supplying an extensive range of display and museum presentation product through the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s when they began to work with fibreglass, but never forgot their roots in wax production which continues to this day.

Working with costume curators and conservators from around the world, this unique business has grown steadily and is now at the forefront of a specialist sector in costume conservation and museum mannequins

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A more detailed history of the company and the history of the mannequin is expanded upon on the following pages.


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