Action Figures

original reference image for action figure Original reference - image provided by Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Scotland.

action figure original reference imageaction figure development action figure manafucturing processaction figure being fitted with clothing

Kill Bill mannequin for the Hollywood Costume exhibitionkill-bill-final-figure-v&a-museum-hollywood-costumeKill Bill final picture

Whilst GEMS STUDIO specialize in wax figures, conservation grade costume forms, bespoke presenters and custom sculpting, our skilled team also produce a wide range of action figures.

Instantly adding character and movement, these figures are an exciting and dynamic alternative which showcases costume such as sport and army uniforms as they would be viewed in their original environment.

Shown left, Is an original reference image provided by The Riverside Museum, Glasgow as a guide for Gems Studio. Our team  constantly referred back to this picture throughout the development process.




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