Belguim Military Museum, Brussels

belguim army museum congo galleryFixing eyebrow hairs in place
Belgium Army Museum, Belgium

Belguim army museum headmother and child fibreglass figuresmother and child figures at belgium army museumfibreglass head in colouring studiocolour palette for congolese soldiers

hands and feet in colouring studio

gems studio have recently finished a series of fibreglass character figures for the Royal Military Museum of Belgium, which are featured in an exhibition celebrating the Congolese soldier contribution within Belgium's public force. Military events from 1885 to the present day are documented, as well as the everyday lives of the soldiers and their involvement in various campaigns.

For this commission, gems have supplied 14 realistic figures, giving us the opportunity to showcase our talents with both military poses and African portraiture. The exhibition: The Congolese soldier in the public force, runs from June 22nd to end October at The Royal Military Museum, Brussels.

Shown left, is a head at colouring and hair stage. Skin tones and hair colours are carefully matched to create the most authentic feel. Our hairdresser is shown applying each hair of the eyebrow individually.

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