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Since Gems Studio launched the MUSEUM bust form there can be little doubt of its impact within the conservation exhibition display sector. Developed in conjunction with the V&A's inhouse fashion presentation specialists and independent conservator Deborah Phipps; this form has been acknowledged by many in the industry as a truly chameleon piece of costume presentation equipment.

Recognised for its diminutive, feminine shape and distinctive long nape to waist measurement, the MUSEUM Bust form collection is versatile enough to show garments ranging from 17th century to the present day. It has already been ordered by a number of influential museums including Brighton's Royal Pavilion, Bath Pump Rooms, the American museum and National Trust property, Killerton House and of course London's Victoria and Albert Museum.

Prices for Museum bustforms start at an affordable £165 for a calico covered form with closed in neck and £70 for a metal workroom stand (as shown in image). If you wish to see the Museum bodies in person, it is on display at the London showrooms of our sister company proportion>London.

For further information, prices or to make an appointment to view the collection, call Ashley Backhouse on +44 (0)20 7749 1304 or e-mail

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