custom sculpting projects - President Obama for The Royal London Wax Museum, Canada

barack obama custom sculpt wax figure by gems studioBarack Obama finished wax figure
Royal London Wax Museum, Victoria BC, Canada

barack obama custom wax work sculpt figure by gems studioobama head sculptobama wzx head at paint stageobama wax figure on display at Royal London Wax Museum, Canada

gems studio have built a long and continued working relationship with the Royal London Wax Museum in Canada that goes back a number of years. The museum like to refresh their scenes regularly and keep up to date with current world affairs. To this effect, we have produced a number of wax figures for them, including George W Bush, Prince William, and Mother Theresa.

The museum celebrates its 50th Anniversary this summer and have updated their ‘Undefended Border’ scene, which showcases many other presidential wax figures. President Obama will sit alongside George Bush Snr. Bill Clinton and former Canadian prime minister Jean Chretien.

Shown left, the Barack Obama wax figure was sculpted after the museum's brief for a figure with a more serious nature about his facial expression, differing from other wax sculpts which generally show him with a wide smile.


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