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Custom sculpt of Padre Pio
Capuchin Friars of San Giovanni Rotunda

Gems Studio - Custom Sculpting ServicesGems Studio - Custom Sculpting Servicesmoulding process - gems studio custom sculptGems Studio - Custom Sculpting ServicesGems Studio - Custom Sculpting Services

Custom sculpting of heads and museum figures is where Gems Studio really excels. Gems Studio has a wealth of experience and knowledge with a broad range of clients, built up over many years.

With custom sculpts, we have developed a system of working practice that closely involves the client at every stage of the commission. Co-ordinated by an experienced account manager, client, studio and sculptor are brought in at key points to enable the smoothest passage of each project.

Having worked on such diverse sculpt projects as Rick Owens, an American fashion designer, through to important historical figures including Winston Churchill, Ghandi and Norman Rockwell. We have also had experience of specific heritage commissions and individual private client sculpts, where attention to detail is of the ultimate importance.

To be produced in either wax or fibre glass, we are able to realise even the most complex of briefs. Testament to this is the recent request to sculpt and produce a silicone head following the exhumation of the body of Padre Pio. The intricacy of both the sculpt and delicacy of the situation surrounding the event showed our commitment to our client and the commission. We pride ourself in both.

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