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Saxon Chief
Wellingborough Museum, Northampton, England

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gems studio can source and make costumes and props for heritage centre and exhibition use. We hold an archive of costume pieces and have a wealth of contacts from which we can source items. In addition, we work with many talented dress and propmakers, designing the exact items that each client desires.

Shown left, is a figure of a ‘Waendel’ or Saxon chief, which was produced for Wellingborough Museum: a heritage centre in Northampton, England. The fibre glass figure greets customers as they enter the museum.

All costume for the figure was sourced by gems, dyeing and ageing as appropriate. The spear, shield, dagger and scabbard were created entirely from reference images given by the client. The spear head and shield boss were cast and moulded in fibreglass and then painted to emulate metal.


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